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Heythorp offers a range of business services with the common aim of improving business efficiency and profitability.

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Through the intelligent use of technology and systemisation to support optimised processes and empower the people that run them.

Heythorp was set up in 2003 to leverage over 30 years of collective experience in planning, designing and delivering enterprise technology solutions across a range of industries and technologies. Since then Heythorp has worked with a range of clients and partners to deliver business benefits through technology led business change.

Project Management

Heythorp can provide Project management services to help plan, manage and execute technology-led business change projects. A proven methodology is used to ensure all aspects of project management are covered off; from initial commercial planning and contracting through to full blown programme management and related project accounting, as well as focused delivery management services around design, build, test and deployment of technology solutions into complex and chaneg averse businesses.

Enterprise Solution Architecture

Heythorp can also provide Enterprise Solution Architect services to lead the design and delivery of complex multi-system solutions. Experts in Retail and complex Engineering across a number of applications and supporting technologies, Heythorp can help deliver cohesive business and system designs across systems of record (ERP and transacitonal system), systems on engagement (CRM, front office and marketing) and systems of insight (Reporting, BI and Data anlaytics).

Business Development Support for IT Service & Solution Providers

Heythorp has a wealth of experience selling software and IT services to organisations of all shapes and sizes. Heythorp is therefore excellently placed to assist your business grow in this marketplace. Heythorp will provide marketing, business development, commercial and technical advice to ensure you leverage your current strengths and experience and optimise all processes and collateral.

Application Solution Consultancy

Heythorp provides a range of solution expertise around selected ERP and CRM vendors with experience in delivering successful SAP, Microsoft and other leading vendors. These services are all aligned to a proven approach to business led design, which is aligned to key aspects of a successful solution delivery; from business change management through robust design methods to test and deployment approaches.

Business Systems Audit

Heythorp can carry out a detailed audit of business processes and systems in line with current and future business objectives. This will provide senior management a clear and independent review of the current status of the business systems in regards to industry standards and latest technology developments. This will then then input into process re-engineering, a system modification or new technology investment.

Technology Procurement

Heythorp can help business and IT and business managers with the complex process of technology selection & procurement for a specific business requirement. Heythorp will work with you from initial business requirements gathering, through design and detailed vendor selection through to final procurement and contract negotiation.


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